“No it’s just..you seem like it….All nice ‘n stuff. I’m not a psychic, so I can’t be too sure. You just..have that attitude and look…..I don’t know.” He smiled and walked over to her, wing just…dangling there. “I-I’ll introduce myself again, so you can have a better..description, I guess. My name is obvious, Mephiles. It’s an old name and the people in my village thought it meant ‘Hateful Being.’ I actually died when I was five, father shot me. I was an angel, kidnapped, turned. I fell from the sky, and I lost the entire ‘Dark’ part of me. I was saved by someone, and now I just have this useless Angel wing.” He looked at it. 

"Ah, I have the feel of a mother then."

Rebecca listened silently, nodding every few moments. Her ears drooped at the mention of his father, paling at how young he was when he died. She put a hand on her facial scar, sighing.

"We both have daddy problems, huh? Yours succeeded in killing ya, though."

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